Chris Greisen Quarter Back Academy Chris Greisen Quarter Back Academy Chris Greisen Quarter Back Academy

The Academy

Quarterbacks in grades 7-12 and College QB's (exceptions may be considered)

Intense instruction that teaches highly motivated athletes not only the physical and mental basics of the demanding quarterback position, but also the “little things” that separate an average quarterback from an elite one.

All these skills and others will be taught verbally, demonstrated by a professional quarterback, Coach Greisen, and reinforced through drills. Some of the skills taught during this Quarterback Academy cannot be found in any other camp, particularly with the attention to the detail that they deserve. As stated before, the “little things” will be stressed so that your quarterback can attain the knowledge and skills that enabled coach Greisen to achieve his dream of playing professional football.

Skills that will be taught:

  • Stance
  • Footwork
  • Throwing mechanics
  • Ball Handling (Run and Pass)
  • Drops
  • Option
  • Vision Skill Training
  • Movement Drills
  • Game film Study
  • Chalk Board Discussions
  • Defensive Recognition and Reads
  • QB Specific Strength Training

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